Professional Management

Average Salary

The average NBA annual salary is $6.2 million, while MLB is at $4.4 Million. The NFL comes in last out of the 3 with an average of $2.1 million annually.

Career Longevity

The average MLB player tends to last 5.6 years in the league, while NBA players last approximately 4.8 years. NFL players get the short end of the stick again, with a 3.5 year (average) professional career.

Post-Career Stability

Studies show that 80% of NFL players go broke within their first 3 years of retirement, while 60% of NBA players go broke within their first 5 years. 

Professionalism Outside of your Profession

Here at AACA we understand the importance of making the right choices to ensure your lifestyle is maintained post-career. We at AACA offer a variety of management services to assist you in making decisions that will aid you in generating passive income while you navigate your professional career.